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Friday, 24 June 2011



Oh no! The first time I made them I used twice as much vinegar as in the final recipe. They made my eyes water. I planted one pickling cucumber and one burpless hybrid, but I used both types. I just cut them to size. I lost a vine yesterday, today's official high temp was 105 degrees. I ran out and hosed it off, but it just shriveled and died. Oh well.


I made your pickles a couple of nights ago, but I neglected to write the IMPORTANT detail about 2 cups water . . . when I poured my 3/4 cups of vinegar over the cucs, I thought, "huh, that's weird -- it barely covers the cucumbers. Guess I'll boil up even more vinegar." So, when I asked Tyson today about the pickles, he said they are very vinegary . . . I asked, "as in inedible?" and he hedged, saying something about how Romans used to drink vinegar.

I'll give it another go with some fresh cucumbers. And did you use regular cucumbers or pickling cucumbers?

jennifer cantwell

i wonder how they are stressed? poor, little guys. it's probably my spaghetti squash that is trying to take over the whole garden. nuts. also, i noticed from your pictures (and from a flower vase at my favorite restaurant!) your dill seeds are yellow. mine are white. hmmmm.


I tried canning pickles too. I made gardiniera (italian vegetable pickles) but they're supposed to sit for three weeks before you eat them, so I haven't tasted them.
I always thought that lettuce and cucumbers get bitter if they're stressed. For example if they don't get enough water, but I couldn't say for sure. I don't know about male cucumber flowers.

jennifer cantwell

(good to hear from you, too). i made these this weekend.....and made some canned pickles with a boiling water bath.....next time i'll get the jars more full, but it was my first time! the fridge pickles are so good! the other pickles are good, too....i used zucchini, dill and cucumbers from the garden and added some carrots and onion i had! yum! i like the sweet. some of my cucumbers are coming up very bitter. I've done a little research but am not sure if there is anything i can really do about it. have you had this problem? they say to pull off the male flowers.....which ones are male??

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