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Friday, 11 February 2011


jennifer cantwell

so, i made mine last night! i used a combination of sonya's recipe and comments by jehan. i didn't have any rosemary (how did that happen?) so i used tarragon! i used some homemade veggie/turkey broth in the cast iron....and added some unpeeled garlic cloves (great idea!). the only thing i didn't take time to do was reduce all the delicious juices for a sauce......next time. we had it with the potatoes, salad and roasted fennel w/ parmesan cheese. the chicken was so moist and delicious! i would've liked the skin to be a little more crispy....but i'm just getting used to the dysfunction of my super old oven.....so next time:) all in all yum!

sweetie pie

Be Brave Anna! You can do it.


I always swore that I would never cook a whole chicken. Maybe I'll be brave now. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jehan El-Jourbagy

I forgot to mention a very important ingredient which you had in your recipe: garlic. Along with the white wine and chicken stock, I also added about 15 unpeeled cloves of garlic (the recipe called for 40 -- I didn't have that many hanging around).

Once the chicken finished cooking, I removed it and the garlic to a platter and then reduced the liquid, pouring some over the chicken on the platter. As we ate, we peeled the garlic and spread it on french bread, which was our side as well as a light salad with a lime dressing.

sweetie pie

That sounds sooooo good!

Jehan El-Jourbagy

Thanks for sharing. This is what I did with our free Earth Fare chicken:

I rubbed olive oil on the body and then I rubbed a mix of dried sage, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper on the skin. I then put a quartered lime in the cavity along with the remainder of the dry rub. Then it was supposed to sit for two to 24 hours, but I kept on going since we were hungry.

I placed the chicken in a casserole dish and poured in one and half cups of chicken stock and one cup of dry white wine. In the bird went uncovered into an oven set at 375 until the liquid boiled at which point I covered it. It cooked/steamed for about 25 minutes.

I then increased the heat to 450 and uncovered the dish for another 60 minutes.

It was the best whole chicken we've ever had -- moist and flavorful. (As for the carrots and mashed potatoes, we ate them with steak yesterday . . .)

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