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Wednesday, 16 February 2011



Thought about this post last weekend when I made a lasagna with sliced lemons layered in (boiled first). They added a great flavor and I like thought they were kind of fun to eat, but J. and my MIL took them out before eating.

I'm not familiar with Earth Fare, but it seems they give away lots of free stuff? Wish we had one.

sweetie pie

My lemons are barely covered. They seem to float up, no? I opened and pushed them down again the other day. I think it's important for them to be fully submerged to prevent mold growing. Seems like you could use bottled juice, but I don't like the taste. Maybe I'll squeeze another in there just to be safe. We went to a Spanish tapas place this weekend and they served chickpeas with roasted red peppers and preserved lemon! I hope ours turn out...

jennifer cantwell

i agree Jehan!

Sonya....I feel like my lemons keep popping a little bit out.....maybe i need to add more squeezed lemon. does it matter, you think, if a bit is just sticking out? mine are split in two jars (just because of the sizes i had).....and i admit i only smushed down three days and then was out of town for work for 3........but like i said, it keeps popping up a little. i was thinking i could just put some bottled lemon juice in to cover that little bit.....or would it be better to make the effort to go get some more organic lemons to cover it?

Jehan El-Jourbagy

Holy lemons, batman! So are you cooking more because of the blog, or blogging more because of all the cooking? I love the tomato/chicken recipe -- think I'll try it out tomorrow, after we shop at Earth Fare in Athens. Makes me want to go cook something (other than the trusty standbys).

sweetie pie

Thanks Jennifer, it's great to hear from you and your kitchen. I'm glad someone else is trying the lemons with me. Btw, my oven is old cheap and inaccurate as well.

jennifer cantwell

i'm food blog stalking you today apparently:) i got some meyer lemons last night when i got my free stuff at earth fare. i tried this today.....with only 7 lemons (one left over to squeeze) and i used 2 on my chicken! they sound delicious. i love your blog....it reflects your laid back attitude about cooking (and in general!) and reminds me of when we lived together;) thanks!

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